Nov 20,2019 10:09 PM
Hi, my name is SiscaSyifaUtami and I am Indonesian. On September 2018, I chose NUK as my exchange destination. It was a great choice, because I enjoy my life there. Taiwan is an unique country itself and NUK provide many things to me, either by the culture, the people, the places, the foods, or even the campus system. I had so many experiences there, but there are some things that the most memorable. First, I have to walk there because I don’t have my motorcycle and the streets are also comfortable to walk and its healthy. Second, I can feel the winter even though there is no snow, at least the strong wind makes me grateful that I came to Taiwan. Third, there are many dogs around the campus, I used to scared of dogs and in Indonesia there aren’t any dogs in the street or campus but I like dogs now because they’re actually cute. Last, I love that the public transportation or street is very clean, I never found any trash while I passed by. Fifth, I have many international friends now because of exchange, Taiwanese is very humble even though I can’t speak Mandarin there. The campus is also clean and huge, I love the yellow bicycle, it helps international students a lot. There’s also many activities for international students that make us known each other and getting closer. The dorm is also comfortable and the things inside were never broken. One more thing that unique is that we can find dogs in the classroom, of course I never see this one in Indonesia. In the end, I would like to say I never regret that I chose Taiwan for exchange because the memories are unforgettable. I learned many things here; I practiced my English, I appreciated a different culture, I never throw trash anywhere except in the garbage, self-service when I ate, and many more. So if you’re still confused which country that you want to study, without any doubt, just choose NUK. Even if your culture is very different with Taiwan, you’ll feel no regret because it is the moment you have to appreciate other culture and not feel scared about any differences. Dear NUK, thank you for the best 6 months, I promise I’ll go back there soon!