Nov 20,2019 10:10 PM
exchange 2018. I want to share my experience when I was in NUK Taiwan.
When I heard about exchange student program I thought about different language, and I decided to go to Taiwan. I was curious about what kind of country is that. Moreover, I wanted to learn about the language because I have never learned it once in my life so I thought that was chance for me to learn. I knew Taiwan was really different from Indonesia in many things I thought it could be challenge for me. Fortunately, my home university has Cooperate with Kaohsiung University. Kaohsiung University is the college with green campus environment and also has courses in English. There is no reason to not choose Kaohsiung University. NUK provide Scholarship, dorm, and facilities such as bike that can be used around campus area.
I have a great experience in Taiwan. Of course there are several things that very different from what I usually do in my home country. First, eating habit, in Taiwan we have to use chopstick, it’s very difficult for us because in Indonesia we use spoon and chopstick is rarely used. Second, food taste, Taiwan food is not spicy for us, it's very different because most of Indonesia food is spicy because we like eat spicy food. Third, the direction of road, if Taiwan in the right side, in my home country in left side, sometimes we almost walk in the left. Fourth, most of Taiwan food has pork it’s quite hard for some of my friend because they are muslim, they can’t eat pork. This is very different from Indonesia where most of the food uses chicken. Fifth, in Taiwan you can decide how much sugar and ice you want when you buy drink, I really like this one because I can determine it according what I like.
One of the unique thing for me is in the class we would hear the bell ring when the course start, over or break time. If we wanted to go around Kaohsiung we usually using bus, MRT, or city bike. NUK provide dorm in campus area, and there is yellow bike that can be used for around campus. And you can also rent a bike if you want. The class situation is generally same with my home university, such as discussion time, group assignment, presentation and so on, the different is the bell ring in the class and there are around 10 minutes of rest every hour of study. When the break time you can go to canteen to buy some drink or go to toilet. When we are in Taiwan OIA provide some activity for us such as field trip so exchange student can know each other and learn and know more about Taiwan and also have fun. There is also International Festival, we did some perform from our country and also cooking competition, we also tried food from other country. NUK also held dongzhi festival for introduced us Taiwan culture and we also try some delicious food in dongzhi festival, some of student also participate show their talent such as singing, playing instrument, and others.
When we arrived for the first time in Taiwan, I am so happy because Taiwan friends is so kind, we can ask anything we did not know to them about Taiwan and I am so happy that spend my 1 semester in Taiwan with friends who are very friendly, I feel like I am in home I never found serious problem when I was in Taiwan although I can’t speak Mandarin. I got valuables opportunity from this student exchange program, I could make friend from other country not only from Taiwan but also from Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand and other. I was so happy we could share about anything.
I’m really enjoy and happy with my student life in Taiwan, I am so thank full for all of my Taiwan friends that help us when we are in Taiwan, they took us to go around Taiwan and make us have unforgettable experience. I am also happy to have good memories with friends from other country. For anyone who want to study in Taiwan don’t worry about culture or language, you will adapted well and learn when you are in Taiwan and also there many people will help you. Thank you NUK the chance to have a great student life experience.