FidiyahCutriani Sari

Nov 20,2019 9:58 PM
I choose NUK because I interested with environment there and based on my previous senior that went to study abroad there. they tell us about how can they survive and so many experiences who can they get when they study abroad. That’s why I;m so curious and choose NUK to take a chance bring a new me!
First, the most special experience that different from my country is chop stick. In Taiwan, it has become a common thing and is a daily thing to use. When we ate, we used chop stick. Different with my country, not become a typical of “daily” to use chop stick. Just sometimes, we used it when we ate noodles. And we usually use spoon and fork in daily
Second, the unforgettable moment who I never forget is so many dogs there. actually, I’m so afraid and scary and scary and scaryyyyyy with dogs. I can’t imagine how can I survive when I live around 5 months surrounded by dogs. But hey, look at me. I can survive that things. In the end of semester, slow but sure I a little bit brave to pass the dogs.
Third, using public transportation. Especially bus and MRT. Because the different habits in Indonesia especially in my hometown Pontianak. As usual, we often use motorcycle and never use public transportation. So, that’s why when i’m in Kaohsiung, I felt ike “wow, I’m not a fidiyah anymore, I’m a new fidiyah!” hahahaha I found another habits, another culture that different with my country
And last, I learn mandarin. IT’S SO HARDDDDDDD AND REALLY HARD. But I have to learn it, because I need it to survive my life there hahaha. I’m so happy to learn a new things. Thank you NUK for providing us a language class. Xie xie
I’m so enthusiast when the OIA held an event. For example, when OIA held cooking competition. Me and other friends, preparing it well and make a trial foods and then go to market to found a things that can support our food. That’s really awesomeeeeeee!
In addition, Indonesian students also show the dancing and singing performance. We practice maybe 1 month to prepare it. And we’re so proud and happy. Because we can introduce our country “INDONESIA” to Taiwan students
And during study there, the special things that I never foget is “yellow bicycle”
It’s hard to get a yellow bicycle, especially In the morning. But, it triggered me to woke up earlier and get the yellow one so as not to get tired by walk
During I did exchange in NUK. I’m so pleased and happy. I learn a new culture, that actually may be significantly different with my country, I meet a new friends from different country and then the friendly OIA’s people. I WANT TO GO BACK THERE AND MEET THEM.
I’m so lucky to go to NUK and also we’re facilitated well by OIA. So thank you for theseeeee!
We have to become independent. By self-serving, and then we have to care each other, love each other and protect each other. During exchange, I felt that we have to independent especially when we needs something, like when we need to buy personal things or when we want to holiday and invite taiwan’s students to accompany us. IT FELT GOOD AND AWESOME. That’s the memorable one.

And maybe my suggestion to NUK for the better is like held a more activities and courses that we can choose.