Gabriel Aera Famaranzo

Nov 20,2019 9:59 PM
Hello its me Gabriel Aera Famaranzo i was a student exchange at National Univeristy of Kaohsiung, Taiwan and my home University is Tanjungpura University Pontianak, Indonesia
When the first time i landed at Kaohsiung it was 10 september 2018, i wonder how life at Taiwan is. Then it was so different,its like ,start from the lane at the traffic, taiwanese use right lane while in my home country use left lane. I was so excited, the temperature there was little bit cold because it was raint that day. We were welcomed by NUK student that very very friendly , they took us to look aound at the university which is so huge and clean, then the facility is quite good
The system at their educational are very well, such as if you want to take some class they give us trial week which you could see what the purpose of these class and what would you grt if you join these class, and well i think it was something new in my own experience
The dormitory where i stayed was good i got gracious room mate, Michael Adrian and Topi the malaysian boy also his friends like tata japanese and another malaysian boy. They are so kind at me.
And the another NUK student that become very very kind at me and my Indonesian friends like Sky,Paul, Charlie, Josh, Bianca, Emily, Joe, and others
I write this with remembering good things that happened that and make me miss that place so bad, and maybe someday i will take another trip to Kaohsiung .
Thank you so much -