Iqva Alhusna AuliyaRachmi

Nov 20,2019 10:01 PM
My name is Iqva Alhusna AuliyaRachmi, my family and friends usually called me Iva and I am from Tanjungpura University of Indonesia that located in West Kalimantan. I was doing an exchange student program in National University of Kaohsiung Taiwan last fall semester. I choose NUK in the first place because the university located in the country of Taiwan and I curious with the culture in Taiwan and I want to challenge myself to live outside my comfort zone as a person who living in a country with majority of Moslems. I also find that personal living cost in the country of Taiwan is affordable for me despite the scholarship that provided.

As an international student, I find it easier for me to follow the systems start from the application to enroll, selection of courses, natural disaster prevention training, until the leaving process. The university also provides websites in English for some of the international student who does not learn Chinese language yet, furthermore about the Chinese language, the international student also provided with Chinese language classes to help us to learn the language with day-to-day activity examples and through the information of Taiwanese culture. International student also get along with the international buddies who help us during our exchange period for example about places to eat, classrooms, and another university’s’ facilities such as gym, bicycle, and et cetera.

During my exchange period in Taiwan, I select a wrong schedule of course that makes me sometimes hard to divide my schedule between college life such as to learn and preparing assignments with my recreational time who I usually took every weekend to explore the city, though it is not a major problem of me. The major problem is that I did not prepare the most fundamental thing which is internet connection, not only for my social media activities, I need internet connection for learning purpose and to contact my family but, since I cannot spend most of time on mobile phone, it makes me become a person who appreciate time and discipline about my ability to use the technology in its place.

During my exchange period I also learn to live in minimalist lifestyle although not in every aspect of my daily life activities, I started to spend my money on something that is my primarily need and have a longer term purpose. Influenced by the Taiwanese habit, Istarted to make less waste started from the food that I ate, the packaging that I use for take-away foods and beverages, shopping bag, reduce excessive use of flavorings since most of the Taiwanese food is sour yet sweet while I prefer salty and spicy foods. I manage to balance between my budget and my mealtime, I tend to cook for myself and eat on time rather than spend on fast-food and snacks except for bubble tea because Taiwanese bubble tea is the best. While in Taiwan I also moved a lot especially in mobilize, I used to use motorbike during my time at home but during my exchange period I mobilize by foot or public transportation which is excites me.

My college life activity as an international student in NUK was not really different from my home country university, I attend classes and seminar, doing assignments and some presentations beside that a very noticeable difference is that during my college life in NUK I becoming more paperless, I did almost of my task and accessed material given on web. Another thing is that there are no dress code for students to attend class which it is pretty cool for me since I used to wear formal attire as my home university dress code but then, I thought dress code is something that does not need to be debated as long as teaching and learning activities can be carried out well.

After all, my experience during my exchange period in Taiwan especially in National University of Kaohsiung is very impressive, it opened my mind to being a person who was more able to accept differences and able to speak up.