Kanjana Kannarest

Nov 20,2019 10:03 PM
Have you ever been to Taiwan before? What do you think about education or transportation in Taiwan? If you never been to going to Taiwan I’ll be going to tell you. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kanjana Kannarest you can call me “PACK” this’s my nickname I’m 3rd-year student faculty of agricultural product innovation and technology my major is polymer material technology from Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand. I’m an exchange student at National University of Kaohsiung or NUK.
Many months earlier, I decided to the candidate to receive the scholarship to exchange student at the National University of Kaohsiung or NUK, Taiwan. I intend to take the exam in order to be selected in this scholarship. Do you know why I choose Kaohsiung University? Before I come to Kaohsiung I find the information about this university before I found this university is located in Kaohsiung which big city next below from Taipei so this city is a convenient and beautiful city and NUK also famous about business management but this is just the information from the internet but it makes me very excited and I look forward to going to Taiwan every day.
On the first day, I arrived in Taiwan I can feel comforted until forgetting the fears that are in the mind before because friends from the NUK who came to greet us at the airport were really friendly. They were always suggesting things we should do and shouldn't do before reaching university. They take care of us very well. This is considered the first impression that came to Taiwan. On the first day, I slept in my room which is a dormitory on campus inside the university. The first time I saw my room for the first time, I felt so wonderful it really amazing! It is very different from dormitories in Thailand. I really like the bed is at the top of the table. I have never seen it before. There are four people in that room 2 Thai people and 2 Taiwanese people. They are very cute, they are very good at advising and advising since the order of food until everything if I want to know. Next days after that OIA organized orientation activities for exchange students to provide information in various fields, ranging from enrollment, university facilities, health insurance Including visa And basic living information at Kaohsiung.
On the first time when I join in the classroom I feel like my home I don’t have to feel different from them. In the classroom to consist of several Taiwanese people and few foreigners but everyone can speak English very well. My classmates have a strong intention to study and will be able to notice clearly that foreign friends will have the courage to ask more questions than the Asian people which is a story that I have heard before but never seen myself until I came to study here. It makes me able to adjust to being together in many different cultures, which is good for me.
My daily when after my class I like to ride a bike with my friend to go to Carrefour to finding something to eat or something it necessary for me or sometimes I like to go to the gym or ride a bike around my university for exercise. Every weekend I always travel around Kaohsiung cities by MRT or by bus with my friend. I look forward to the weekend in order to travel. I like to saw a simple way of living in Taiwan and convenient travel and the importantly the weather is very good.
If you are looking for a good place to study, I recommend this university you will not be disappointed with the good atmosphere, good environment, good society, good professors and good personnel who are waiting for advice in various fields. Finally, I have to thank myself and everyone for giving me the opportunity to this experience and if I have a chance I will be back again.