Nov 20,2019 10:04 PM
First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name NatthaBuayaem, the third year student in the Faculty of Agricultural Product Innovation and Technology majoring in Polymer Material Technology, Srinakharinwirot University (SWU), Thailand.In fact, Taiwan is recognized as one of the world’s leading producer of technology products. World Economic Forum also ranks Taiwan 15th out of 137 economies in its most recent global competitiveness in 2017.Kaohsiung plays an important role in contributing Taiwan’s economy. My university have a Memorandum Of Agreement with NUK. So my faculty provided international scholarship for student. For me, it is very excited in having the opportunities to participate in National University of Kaohsiung (NUK). Where are wonderful facilities and learner development activities such as The 5th International Conference on Behavioral, Economic and Socio-Cultural Computing.This conference has gained knowledge and critical thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that drive me to apply creative technology for polymer material field.Furthermore, In Taiwan, I always get helping from Taiwanese when I was facing a hard problem. The one impressed situation when I was waiting alonethe high speed trainat Tainan station to go back to Kaohsiungstation but I didn’t know that was not high speed train station. All stuff kindly helped me even if we quite hardly communicated each other. Someone heard our conversations. He dropped me off because he would go the same me so I never been afraid to stay in Taiwan.Two roommate of my dorm are Taiwanese. They are really lovely and kindly. We usually had dinnerand played sport at gym or pool game at Dorm’s lounge where having a piano, a pool table and chatting area that is you can meet a lot of new friends at here.
Who would like to jump out of your comfort zone. You should try coming here because that will be new things to improve the development in technology to learn differences between your country and Taiwan such as culture, people, etiquette that are the good start to learn Chinese language. You will make friends with other people from different part of the world, and Youwill learn and share our experiences to each other.