Nov 20,2019 10:05 PM
My faculty has scholarships from many university all of that so interesting but I chose NUK because I searched the information on the website and I thought many subjects are interesting and different from my subject at my faculty cause I would like to learn the new things. The accommodation, dorm, building and field this university so beautiful so that is my reason to choose here.

I think when I live at NUK I have a lot of time more than I live at my university. I mean I have time for subject, study, exercise and friends. It like I can recovery me at here and improve my responsibility that can change my behavior to be the good way.
Every time that I go to the class I think it’s fun because I have to bike a bicycle or walk to the class that means I can spend the time with my friends during we go to the class. Almost facilities at NUK is very good; there are the vending machines everywhere, free bicycles. The first time that I saw the class room I really like it I feel like a I’m in the class room in the Taiwanese drama. The activities that took the exchange student go to outside at the sea life aquarium and meeting makes everyone knew each other that are good activities.

When I need help almost everyone around me always give me a hand but the Taiwanese’s friends said “It’s not easy at here when you ask some help then someone need to help you”. However that is still my impression at NUK and my roommates all of them so nice to me and they help me everything when I asked and I didn’t ask.

Thank you for a good scholarship give me a nice experiences that I can’t found it in my old world and this experiences change my life.