Nov 20,2019 10:08 PM
Before we start, let me introduce myself first. Hello,my name is Patsita or you can call me Jar, I am from Thailand.
Studying abroad has always been my dream since I was in a middle school. One day, in my final year of university life, the NUK representative came visit my university and offered our student a scholarship opportunity to study as an exchange student. It was very interesting for me since it was my last chance to experience student life in other country. Moreover, I have heard so many good things about Taiwan from my friends who study there. Therefore, I decided to give myself a shot to explore a new world. So, that were reasons why I chose to study here.
Next, I would like to share my special experiences. When I first arrived Taiwan, I got a warm welcome from student ambassador. They picked all exchange student up from the airport, tried to entertain us, and took us to the dormitory. Furthermore, even we spoke in different language, Taiwanese has never ignored us and tried to communicate with us. For example, I came back from Taipei trip in a late night, there was no bus and no Taxi at the MRT station, plus my phone died. I was so panic. Then, I found a guy at the station and asked him for help. He was not good at english and I did not know Chinese. However, he used body language and google translate to communicate with me. In the end, he called a taxi for me and wrote my address in Chinese on a post-it to make sure that the taxi driver will drop me off in the right place. I arrived home safe, and I still keep that little note with me until now.
Next, there are many things here that different from my country. Firstly, the taste of the food was a bit different. Most of Thai people love eating spicy food, on the other hand, Taiwanese do not eat spicy. Additionally, Taiwanese eat pig blood as a snack but Thai only put pig blood in food. Lastly, I went to the beach and found that the sand has a darker colour and softer skin. In my country the sand at the beach are mostly white or brown and it is rougher.
My campus life was amazing, I met many new friends from Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and etc. They were super friendly. The teachers were very kind and helpful. The classes were fun. I had learnt some useful Chinese words. I ride my bike to the classes everyday and it was new for me. Furthermore, I had a chance to join a talent show for exchange student, even I was shy but it was fun.
All in all, I would like to say thank you NUK for giving me this opportunity to explore Taiwan, and meet many good friends here. It makes my university life complete and full of good memories. I feel energetic and fall in love with this country. I want to come back here again in the future and would like to travel in more places that I have nerve been. I want to come back to the night markets full of people and delicious food. I want to ride a bicycle around the campus at night when I can not fall to sleep. There are many more memories that I would keep in my heart forever.
For those who are considering about study in Taiwan, I really recommend you to try. This place is simple but charming. People are nice and open-minded. Transportation is good quality and not complicated. Food is delicious and various. The university is huge and beautiful. Thank you.