( NEW ) 110-1 Fall Semester

110-1  Fall Semester (Bachelor, Full English Taught Program)

*The following courses are offered in the past in each sub-course. The new semester will still be changed. For reference only.


 Fall Semester Realm Courses Credit
International Business & Law
Course Group
International Economic Law 2
Legal English(I) 2
Investment and Risk Management 3
Special Topics in Contemportary Finance 3
Information Technology trend and Practical Business English 3
International Business Management 3
Investment and Risk Management 3
Language Studies & Culture Explore 
Course Group
Genre Fiction (I)   3
Anthropological Linguistics/Linguistic Anthropology(I) 3
Intensive German A1: Preparing Beginning German Learners for the A1 Test 4

Advance Technology & Basic Science
Course Group

English for Science and Technology(I) 3
Quantum Michanics (I) 3
Thermodynamics and Statistic Physics 3
Special Topics on Polymer 3
Calculus() 3
Research Methods 3

Environmental Protection &
Sustainable Development
Course Group

Introduction to Climate Change Studies and Sustainability 2
Environmental Engineering Processes 3
Global economic issues 3