Students from Medan, Indonesia to visit NUK : Experience culture in Kaoshiung,Taiwan

Jul 03,2018 12:00 PM

【United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series promotion】

National University of Kaohsiung keeps enrolling for internationalization.

From June 23 to July 3, NUK organized a summer camp. We invite nearly 40 students and teachers from Bodhicitta School in Medan, Indonesia.


The International Affairs Office hosted the event for 11 days. The agenda was very substantial. We study in NUK green campus and also went around the city to experience the beauty of Kaohsiung port.


In addition to studying Chinese, Taiwan history and culture, the United Nations SDGs and other courses in the school, students also visited famous attractions place in Kaohsiung, such as Xiziwan and Qijin, the Second Art Zone, Fengyi Academy, Tainan Anping Castle and Pingtung Liudui Hakka Park, the Xi'er Bakeries sheltered workshop, Kaohsiung Software Park, etc. Those attractions let students knew the operation of social enterprises and the ecology of high-tech industries.


One of the student, Maichel Canel visited Taiwan for the first time. He was impressed by Taiwanese food and the friendly people. In addition to thank two sides of schools for their arrangement and hospitality, Selly also expressed her willingness to visit again to Taiwan. In the last day, the Bodhicitta team performed traditional Indonesian dances to express their gratitude especially to OIA for the kind arrangement.


This event is a plan in the "Higher Education Intensive Planning - Deepening of International Sisters" for the "Ministry of Education subsidizes the new Southbound project - Strengthening the cooperation and exchange program with the ASEAN and South Asian countries".