Hola Chile! Students Paying Far Visit to Latin America- Mobility Course in Chile part1

Jul 09,2018 12:00 AM

In early June, the five of our students take part in a international mobility course to Chile! They arrived at Chile’s capital city—Santiago. On the next day, they will be having a three-day lesson at Federico Santa María Technical University, which is one of NUK’s sister universities located in Valparaiso. 

The day began with a crash course in Spanish, teaching us basic Spanish pronunciation and useful daily phrases. Some found it hard to pronounce the “R” sound correctly in Spanish. Followed by a brief introduction to Valparaiso’s unique architecture style, students then enjoyed a walking tour in this fascinating city. Valparaiso, a costal city, is declared as a World Heritage City by the UNESCO in 2003 due to its historical and cultural background. It has become a must see tourist attraction to visitors worldwide. 

After having welcome lunch with several school staff, they continued with a stroke along the campus. There were all kinds of facilities provided to their students, it seemed to be a decent learning environment. At the end of the day, they had our final course with Professor Dario Liberona and students from Electronic Engineering. Students gave oral reports concerning the topic of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” based on situations in Chile and Taiwan. They both learned greatly from each other and enjoyed our time during the class. With a tight schedule all day, they were extremely tired when arriving back to the hotel. Needless to say, we had a remarkable time on the first day of class.