Tasting Wine in Chile!! Mobility Course in Chile Part2: Wine Industry and Strategic Management

Jul 06,2018 12:00 PM

On the second day in USM (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María), the school provided an enriched schedule full of courses and activities for everyone. Chile is well-known for its red wine. The wine tasting class was given by a professional in the wine industry. We learned about the grapes and the history of wine making. Also, we learned how the inspect a glass of wine before drinking. Including its color, its smell, whether it’s light body or heavy body, and its taste all around the mouth. We also tried to match up the food (different types of cheese, fruits, cookies and peanut) according to the characteristics of different wine.

In the afternoon, we took the the Strategic Management Class with the international students in USM. We met students from Sweden, Italy, Germany and a student from Taiwan as well. We gave a presentation about Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Taiwan to make them have more understanding of the business environment in Taiwan. Besides this, we divided into groups and played a venture creation game online. We competed with other teams and saw who raised the most money for their startup company. We all learned a lot and shared good times together.