Ischool tea party

Sep 28,2018 12:00 PM

I-School hosted a tea party for exchange students last Friday. This semester has a total of ten students from Indonesia and Thailand.

Dean Derrick Ting said that he is very welcome all the international students to come to NUK. He hoped that every student can go out of Kaohsiung in their free time, travel to various cities in Taiwan, and taste various kinds of Taiwanese food. He also joked that he is very willing to help them out with any questions except of financial support.

Mrs. Ho, the deputy chief of I-School and mentor Professor Yang also said some encouraging words to bless the students. Several secretaries of I-School also participated in it.

For this tea party, the International College is very kind in preparing food. The most popular one was the beef burritos. The students also tried apples and pears which were produced in Taiwan with the title of fruit king.

At the end of the tea party, everyone played a Taiwanese group game together. One of the Indonesian students also actively taught everyone to play a group game which is common in Indonesia. Everyone had a great time to enjoy the culture and language integration and communication through the tea party. The Tea Party was ended in a warm atmosphere.