National carnival organized by overseas students in NUK

Nov 18,2019 3:13 PM

International Carnival-Happy Thanksgiving are here! National Kaohsiung University held the "International Carnival-Happy Thanksgiving" event on the 28th. Students from 8 countries including Spain and Indonesia showed off their skills and talents, brought out their special cuisine from their own countries, demonstrated talent and performed the tasty cuisine perfectly, which opened the eyes of teachers and students.


"International Carnival" is a tradition event of National Kaohsiung University and is hosted by the Office of International Affairs. This year, the overseas Chinese Friendship Association, the International Youth Ambassadors, the Promotion Education Center, and the Southeast Asia Development Research Center are invited to involve in this grand event. The event focuses on international students and exchanges the different life experiences with local students through their hometown’s special cuisine, art, performances, etc., to enhance mutual understanding.


Students from 8 countries including Spain, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, etc. joined forces to bring out more than 10 dishes for the teachers and students to feast on, except for the spicy fried chicken (Korean) and Okonomiyaki (which are familiar to Taiwanese people). Japanese), Coconut Ball (Horse), Satay (India), Thai Spicy Spiced Chicken, Thai Mango Sticky Rice, Coconut Milk Sago Pudding, Mongolian Milk Tea (suutei tsai), Spanish national delicacy Receta de tortilla de Patatasu and French authentic crepes also attracted long queues. The day of the event coincides with Thanksgiving. European and American international students specially provide roast chicken with French bread and mulled wine to relieve the nostalgia.



President Wang Xueliang specially attended the opening event to express his support, giving a speech affirming the courage and decision of international students to study in Taiwan, sharing their own experiences, "University education has changed my life, and going abroad for further study is turning my world (expanding horizons)", emphasizing the school's efforts Establish sister schools, strive for exchange and dual degree places, and encourage students to apply actively.