Kaohsiung University, Kumamoto Public University President’s Association, and Taiwan Study Abroad Su

May 04,2020 3:25 PM

The international exchanges and overseas enrollment will not stop due to the epidemic in National University of Kaohsiung. A few days ago, it signed a cooperation agreement with the "Kumamoto Prefecture Public High School Principals Association of Japan" and the "Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center of Japan", and will work together in the future Promote enrollment and camp visits, and encourage outstanding local high school students to visit Taiwan and study at NUK.


The signing ceremony was signed by Ding Yixian, International Director of the International Exchange Office of Kaohsiung University, Hiroki Koshiki, President of the Association of Principals of Public High Schools in Kumamoto Prefecture, and Representative Ansu Miho, President of the Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center, in response to "Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia (COVID-19, Wuhan Pneumonia)" The epidemic was carried out through an online video conference with the principal Wang Xueliang as a witness.


Ding Yixian said that he has cooperated with the Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center for nearly four years, and nearly 10 Japanese students have been recommended to NUK through the center. Their academic performance and living adaptation are comfortable. This time the expansion of cooperation and joining the Kumamoto Prefecture Public High School Principals Association will promote the "Taiwan-Japan Intensive Educational Program in Kumamoto" program is believed to encourage more outstanding Japanese high school students to choose for joining National Kaohsiung University.


The plan is launch by the Presidents of Kumamoto Public Colleges, commissioned by the Kumamoto Prefecture Board of Education. The future exchanges and cooperation plans including to visits local high schools for diversified enrollment promotion, summer camps, promotion of English and Chinese education, assistance in organizing school trips, and assistance in the conclusion of high schools. Sister schools hold international education seminars and seminars on studying abroad in Taiwan, etc. The Taiwan Study Abroad Support Center will play an active role in promoting the plan and in the middle of matchmaking.


Not only National Kaohsiung University joins this program, Chung Yuan Christian University, Shude University of Science and Technology, Tunghai University, Yishou University, Chung Hwa University, Kainan University, and others have participated in the project, and signed the contract with video conference and mailing paper contracts.