Mom, please take care. Overseas students made a Mother’s Day video.

May 12,2020 3:28 PM

On the eve of Mother's Day, the overseas students at National Kaohsiung University recorded a video with the theme of "It is because you, mom" to express gratitude and blessings for nurturing, and also emphasize living and learning adaptation in NUK is nearly perfect. Also assured to their mothers everything in Taiwan has been take care greatly, and wish them to take care of themselves. More information please click the site and refer to the video:


The International Affairs Office of National Kaohsiung University called on 14 overseas students from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Paraguay, Japan and other countries to participate in the recording. All of them thanked their mothers for giving lives and raising them with their whole hearts.


Due to the impact of the "severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19, Wuhan pneumonia)" epidemic, the overseas students especially use the film to report safety to let their families know that Taiwan is very safe. However, they still look forward to the early reduction of the epidemic and the smooth return to home for reunion this summer.