Salamu Alaykum! 5 exchange students from Yemen sharing their experience in NUK : open and free learn

Jun 16,2020 3:33 PM

The learning environment and its social values in Taiwan respect and tolerance the diversity make this group of youths from Yemen Republic enviable. Mohammed (Mohammed Rabbad) and other 5 people applied to become exchange students in National Kaohsiung University this semester. They benefited a lot from studying business management, civil engineering, environmental engineering and other courses. They also went to elementary schools nearby, and had been warmly welcomed. Modd has specially set up the "Mahasiswa Yemeni Yemen Students" channel to share the details of studying and living in Taiwan.


At the time when the "severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19)" epidemic was heating up, "I entered the country from the plane, and I was transported to the campus by a special car, been quarantined at home for 14 days. After confirming that he was healthy, he would leave the quarantine place." The professional and rigorous epidemic prevention measures in Taiwan, left a deep impression on 5 people.


During the high school, Maud fully demonstrated the characteristics of business management students such as enthusiasm, self-confidence, optimism, sociality, and good expression. Not only did he actively participate in discussions during class, he also explored people and things around him in his free time, including accepting the invitation of Associate Professor Fu Yuwen from the Department of Western Language and Literature.


Mudd, Malek, Yishan, and Yismai mainly study the major of the College of Engineering of the University of Technology. They especially like the green chemistry, renewable energy, circular economy and other courses offered by Professor Ye Congyu in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, especially for Ye Jiang. The conversion of liquid biogas residues into farmland fertilizers, or the use of sunflower "plant regeneration" to clean up land pollution and extract molybdenum is both surprised and admired.


Mu De stated that Yemen also develops the solar energy industry, but due to political turmoil, the technology is not as mature as Taiwan. They cherish the opportunity to study abroad and strive to absorb professional knowledge in green buildings, renewable energy, environmental engineering, and hope to change their country into a better place.


"I like the learning environment and progress in Taiwan, and I like  how Taiwan respect the multiculturalism." This is the common voice of this group of Yemen boys. Mord added, "More than 99% of Yemen people are Muslims, but God also teaches us to respect the beliefs of others."


Mord shared an example of experiencing the warmth at the society in Taiwan. On a trip to Cijin, the mask was damaged accidently, without mask, they were unable to board the ship. The girl next to him who do not even know Mord immediately gave a new mask, which touched him greatly. Also the appreciation of Taiwan's social atmosphere, Mord used his business acumen to set up the "Mahasiswa Yemeni Yemen Students" channel to introduce 5 people's study and life through Vlog (video blog), and invite everyone to like, subscribe, and share.