Legislator, Kaohsiung City Police Department, and Kaohsiung University organized the "Knowing Police

Dec 15,2020 3:57 PM

What just happened? Why were hundreds of foreigners being taken into the police station? It turned out that the Kaohsiung University changed the standard publicity method into something new-- arranging for foreign students to visit the Nanzi branch of the Kaohsiung City Government Police. By being deeply impressed and pay more attention to the surrounding environment and personal safety. The scene also allows students to experience wearing helmets, bulletproof vests and other heavy equipment, and experience the hard work when the police who is on duty.


The "Hello! Police, I think..."this propaganda activity was organized by the legislator Liu Shifang inviting the Kaohsiung City Government Police Department, Nanzi Branch, and the International Affairs Office of National Kaohsiung University. The purpose is to strengthen and enhance the personal safety awareness of this group of foreign travelers to make studying in Taiwan safer.


Legislator Liu Shifang emphasized that "student safety" is the common aspiration of parents. Especially this group of overseas students who come to Taiwan to study need more attention to help them understand the available resources and methods when they need to ask for help. Therefore, she coordinated with the Kaohsiung City Police Department to assist in advocacy, also deeply appreciate the relevant colleagues for their assistance.


The " Hello! Police, I think...is" is an event which included two visits to the police station and a seminar on campus. The police specially arranged for foreign police officers to give brief introduction in English fluently, so students from abroad could understand easier, and the content included traffic safety (pay attention to the inner wheels of large vehicles) If you are not driving under the influence), Internet (telephone) fraud, avoiding remote and dangerous areas, self-defense techniques and proper use of self-defense items, etc., as well as endangered situations, how to manage to get out of trouble. For the younger generation, it is also encouraged to make good use of technology and download the "110 Video Reporting App".


"This is so heavy!" The students wore helmets and bullet-proof vests and shouted that they could not bear to that, and they couldn't do anything. They sincerely admire the police for their hard work. In order to increase the impression and sense of presence, Nanzi Branch has brought out the press box treasure to let students to experience, from helmets, bulletproof vests, batons, handcuffs, wine detectors, to chili water, firearms, shields, and poison testing reagents. Emphasize the importance of timing and how to protect citizens ’safety.


National Kaohsiung University has more than 200 foreign students enrolled, about 60%, and more than 120 live on campus. The school attaches great importance to the safety of students entering and exiting. In addition to dispatching staff to visit from time to time and strengthening safety promotion, it also maintains close contact with the Jiachang Police Station.