International Director visiting overseas students, for celebrating Chinese New Year

Feb 08,2021 4:20 PM

As the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, the Dean of International Affairs in National Kaohsiung University, Wu Hsinhao, and colleagues from the International Department visited the overseas students and bring nougat as souvenirs and Spring couplets, which symbolizes the Year of the Ox . Hoping that overseas students who couldn’t returned home due to the COVID19 can feel the warmth and blessings from the school.


As the COVID19 is still quite severe through, in order to avoid the risk of international movement, Kaohsiung University encourages 200 foreign students on campus to stay in Taiwan for the Chinese New Year. Consider the housing needs that foreign students might need during the Chinese to the COVID19, foreign students will be allowed to live in on-campus dormitories during the Chinese New Year. The dean of international affairs Wu Hsinhao also spread his blessings to the dormitory rooms. The students had been warmly welcomed by the dean of international affairs and shared their hometown snacks. The atmosphere had been full with happiness.


After visiting the dormitory, the Dean and colleagues from the International Office drove to the rental housing for overseas students who live out of the dormitory for visiting. Li Fanjia and Fan Zhelin from St. Lucia rented houses in buildings around Kaohsiung University. Dean of International Affairs Wu Xinghao especially urged the safety of renting houses and introduced the customs of the Lunar New Year. They then visited Indonesian overseas Chinese, foreign students from Vietnam and Guatemala. Hope Overseas students spend a good year in Taiwan, and wish them to have a Happy New Year.