2020 International Youth Leaders Training Camp

Nov 23,2020 4:35 PM

From January 20 to 23, 109, 5% Design Action and the Youth Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government participate in organizing the "2020 International Youth Sustainability Leadaership Program (IYSL)" to recruit domestic students and foreigners students in Taiwan, refer to the APYE model planning curriculum, using the nearby Okayama Lequn Village, Ziguan Keizailao and Chikan community as the activity venues, the main goal in SDG11 is sustainable cities, and develop a leader training curriculum model that combines design thinking and SDGs spirit Group, conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders in the local community, and produced conceptual proposals. A total of 38 students from domestic colleges and universities signed up, of which 10 were foreign students in Taiwan, and produced a total of 8 conceptual proposals, including the preservation and promotion plans which concerns about the village culture, the brand marketing strategy of Ziguan Keizailao Fishing Port, etc.